Last week, I wrote to let you guys know that I was not abducted. This week, I am writing to let you know that I was abducted after that post was published, but, luckily, I escaped.

I won’t go into the dirty, grimy details of my capture, the fight sequences, or my time in outer space. All you need to know is that the aliens were made out of chocolate, so I just ate all of them and then escaped. I knew that sweet-tooth would come in handy one day.

Okay, this post just got A LOT weirder than I thought it was going to be.

Anyhoo, that’s my excuse for not posting every day next week…but this week I am back on track! The portfolio is finally finished, so I will be publishing some of those pages, along with my typical wasn’t-listening-in-ap-statistics doodles.

I hope you enjoy, dear ones.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca



For Becky

As you all know from my spastic post yesterday, I have been working on my portfolio. This is an extremely intimidating task. However, as I always (starting today) say: Intimidating things are easier when you face them with your best friend.

Especially intimidating things like portfolios.

So, Becky (hereafter refered to as BexMex) gave me some input on my portfolio.

She told me to put an old collection from sophomore year in. I said “no way, ya frickin’ crazy son-of-a-squirt-gun”. She said “Amy, you idiot, put it in”. And this continued for a while.

After she left that day, I took another look at the old collection and was like “hmmm, that’s kind of cute. Maybe I should put it in?” Then, I re-worked the collection, updated it a little bit, and VIOLA. This gem. What do you guys think?

I’m happy I listened to BexMex. She’s pretty smart.

I guess sometimes our best friends know us better than we know ourselves.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca




Drape Me Dapper


Hey guys, this is just a quick check-in to let you know that it’s okay – I haven’t been abducted by aliens! I am alive! Well! Eating a stack of peanut butter cookies!

The reason I have been MIA lately (other than that emo poem I posted yesterday) is that I am working on my fashion portfolio for COLLEGE. COLLEGE. COLLEGE. (….Echo echo echo)

Here are a few of the pages I have so far, to keep you interested so you don’t, you know, cheat on me with another annoying fashion sketcher person blog or something.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

Be My Sweethear

poster_from_postermywall (3)


I realized the other day that most of my posts lately have displayed my attempted “fashion illustration” watercolors. This is because I have been practicing like a bat-shit crazy lady to improve my watercolor skills. I just wanted to remind you guys – and myself – where my true passion lies. I love designing. That is what I want to do one day. So, last night I let myself just design. I stopped worrying about how big her butt crack/armpit looked, and just focused on designing kick-ass things. And that’s what this post is about.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope it is refreshing. It certainly felt much more natural to just focus on the clothes.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

bdass015 green013



I really, severely hate the word “clazzy”. Pretentious, prick girls at my school say “clazzy”. Every time they say it, I want to punch them in their clazzy face, like shut that clazzy-ass-mouth of yours, woman.

However, for some reason, when I was trying to figure out what to name this post, the only word that came to my mind was “clazzy”.

So, I got up, ate some oreos dipped in peanut butter to clear my head, and washed that down with almond milk.

But, when I got back to the computer, all I could think of was “clazzy”.

And here we are.

Have a clazzy day, friendz.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


Surviving High School

I cannot believe that I am almost done with high school.

It came and went so fast.

Yet, I am barely making it out alive.

In fact, if it weren’t for my friends, I might not be making it out at all.

This painting is called “Surviving High School”, and it is for one of my closet friends who has helped me through a lot of…what do you call it…well, bullshit. We survived, though. We survived together.

Thank you, Shelby.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca.


Snow Daze

Where I live (and no, creepers/pedafiles/stalkers, I ain’t gonna tell you where I live…come on, I’m smarter than that), it snows. A lot. So, today, there is snow in my watercolor painting. Cold, biting, melty, slides-down-my-underwear- snow.

Okay, so about the painting. I am pretty happy with it. I have started this new watercolor technique where I wet the paper first, then apply the colors right onto the paper. I’m diggin’ it. I’m diggin’ it muchos. I think it looks nice. What do you all think??? It makes me happy when people comment, soooooo…you should comment. Even if you just leave a creepy winky face or something.

Adios Bitchasoes. Have a good weekend. Use protection. Don’t do drugs. Don’t talk to weird looking people. Don’t eat that 5th cookie. You’re better than that.

OxOx always, Amy Rebecca


The Holiday I Shouldn’t Like

All facts considered, I am exactly the type of person who should hate Valentine’s Day.

I am single.

It seems like all my friends have boyfriends.

I am single.

And, last but not least, I am single.

However, there is something about the holiday of love that I just cannot help but be drawn to. It is the only time of year when you can go around being obnoxiously happy and annoyingly upbeat, and people can’t punch you in the face because…IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY. What can I say? I love to love.

Plus, you can tell people “happy V-day”, meaning “happy vagina day”, but they think you are being normal and wishing them a “happy Valentine’s day”. See what I mean???

I hope your day is filled with awkward hugs and/or high fives.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca