Zip Zap Zop

Zip Zap Zop is the name of an extremely boring and pointless ice-breaker game that I learned at church camp. The only good thing about it is that it has supplied me with a name for my blog post. So (not) worth it.

The sketches today play with cut-outs and zippers that unzip in strategic places (Ew…I have read way too many issues of Cosmopolitan magazine…the word “strategic” is ruined for me). They are simple, but I am still kind of obsessed with the concept.

Let me know what you think! Cool or weird and sort of ghetto?

OxOx, Amy Rebecca




I think it is safe to say that about 69.9% of my designs are of dresses that I envision myself wearing while making an acceptance speach at an awards show. I also think it is safe to say that I am 100% delusional about my current and future life. In my defense, it is much more fun to fantasize about being rich and famous than to consider the cold, dark reality of being a struggling artist for the rest of my days. The world of Delusion is warm and fuzzy and happy, thankyouverymuch, and I intend to stay there for as long as I possibly can.

By the way, this is my Oscar-Acceptance-Speech gown. I can’t wait to see Leonardo’s face as I thank him for being such an amazing co-star.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


When In Doubt, PUFF IT

When in doubt, puff it. Puff it reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllll good. It will make everything else seem better.

I think there is something wrong with me. I have been sitting here laughing for like 5 minutes at how funny I am for making it seem like I am telling you to do drugs. Maturity age = 8 years and 7 months. But hey, at least I like myself, right?!

When I say “Puff it”, I am not, in fact, talking about…*whisper* drugz. I am talking about these amazing, sheer, super flouncy and puffy sleeves! I am obsessed! I think they make any dress seem so classy and fun and posh. In this case, puffing is a definite DO!

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


For Mon Cher Eden

Did you see that? Did you see how I made the title of this post French, so it is automatically classy as shit? That, mes amigos, is called FRENGLISH, a delicate language that is a mix of French and English. Posh? Psh.

This peice is one that I did for Eden (Aka Yoda) after she helped me get the hang of watercolor painting. I am finally, FINALLY happy with how it turned out! For once, a painting actually ended up looking like I wanted it to. I fully attribute this to the fact that I was watching The Mindy Project at the same time. That show is pure comedy gold, people. Watch it. You will die laughing. And I will paint you a watercolor dress to set on top of your casket at your funeral. Did I just write that?

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


80’s Hustla

When I was working on this sketch during class, one of my friends called the drawing on the right a “scary 80’s workout suit”. I laughed pretty hard at that. Sometimes when I’m working on a design, I get so involved in the details of it that I forget to look at the picture as a whole. This, my friends, was one of those circumstances. I think it’s safe to say that this sketch is a frightening failure – only a gangsta 80’s Hustla would ever wear this.

Proceed with caution, and I apologize for any damage done to your eyeballs.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


Try(angle) to Catch Me

The title of today’s post really has absolutely nothing to do with anything meaningful. I just couldn’t think of what to title these sketches, and saw that there were triangle shapes in the design and thus was born Try(angle) to Catch Me. This is how my complex brain works. Try to keep up, people.

I shall leave Thee (How do you make “thee” plural? Thees? Sounds legit.) thees with a message of encouragement: “JUST FOCUS AND KEEP AIMING”. Okay, that was more like a wild scream, but I just wanted to share that string of words – they kept me on track today as I studied for finals.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

try(angle) me012

The Manual

Okay, so you know how yesterday I bemoaned my lack of the “How to Talk to Boys that You Like” Manual? Well today I realized that I really just need the “How to Interact with Humans” one. I seriously am so awkward and uncomfortable to be around, and I always do or say the wrong or offensive thing. The worst of it all is that I am a super confident person, so I never think to question my decisions. After all of my unfortunate blunders today, I am seriously considering finding a nice big rock to dig a hole under to live in.

On a, um, different note – here is a sketch I did in math today. Pretty simple. (Sorry, no watercolors to laugh at today…I surrendered my brain to Netflix last night so there was no creativity circulating).

I am still cringing from my day today. Time to loose myself in a box of Oreos.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

Princess Wedding046

Train-Wreck Watercolor

Yeah, its been about a month since I last posted. I know I look like a goddess, but on the inside I’m really only human, okay?

We are kicking off the new year of posting with a train-wreck watercolor that I did last night while watching Mission Impossible 3. Watercolor looks so easy, but it is actually SO hard. The colors have a mind of their freakin’ own, and there is no eraser to use when you have a hand spasm or something. Anyhoo, here is my painting. Please don’t laugh. Or, at least keep it quiet so its more like a discreet snicker. I’m tender.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca