Sunday Funday

I don’t think that life can get much better than sitting with my Grandma, watching Downton Abbey, and sketching. I am planning my posts for this week…good things are comin’, homies! Here is a preview of the week ahead – some random sketches and musings.






Closet Romantic

Hi, I’m Amy Rebecca.

I’m a Closet Romantic.

What does that mean? It means that I act tough, and sarcastic, and moody. In fact, I do beleive that I AM tough, and sarcastic, and moody…most of the time. But there’s, like, this one little peice of my heart that actually feels things really deeply. Even though I don’t like to admit it, think about it, or show it. In fact, it is taking a huge amount of self-control not to insert a scarcastic comment here.

This doodle from class today proves that I am, secretly, a romantic.

I am going to stop typing now, before I start cracking bitter jokes.

Also, in case you’re wondering: yes, that is a drawing of me, and, yes, my legs are that skinny…I have a smokin’ hot twiggy bod.

Okay, I’m done now.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca.


dude009 (2)

I love your:

-Mouth, when you laugh and when you’re discussing smart things

-Eyes, when you look at me while we talk

-Breathing, as you stop your rant to get some air


I swear, I was sleeping with my eyes open at church this morning. Three jobs in one weekend will do that to ya.

Apparently, I draw in my sleep, though. And I write. In french (?). I think I would be a prime subject for intense psychological studies.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


Half-ass translation: I like Paris in the morning when all is new and beautiful


Half-ass translation: My desire is for Paris


Backwards Doodle RETURNS

You thought I was done with my scraggly attempts to draw people from the back view. You thought I was done drawing butt-crack lines and pointy shoulder bones. You though I was done drawing deformed hands grasping waists, and strange looking chunk high heels. Well, you though WRONG, punk!!! Amy and her backwards fight is NOT OVAAAAAA! (I should probably cut back on the coffee.)

Here is my continued attempt to draw people from behind.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca



You Are Welcome

You are welcome for this post. I sacrificed my Rep for you guys with this post. Why? Somebody saw me taking a picture of this doodle with my phone. Did you know it’s not normal to take pictures of legs that you drew on your homework? Yeah, neither did I. But apparently it isn’t normal. Because some kid out there now thinks I am a complete Wack-Job. Well, they were all going to find out eventually anyways…so maybe I should actually be thanking you guys?

I am now out of the closet as an egoist with a leg fetish.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca