Snow Daze

Where I live (and no, creepers/pedafiles/stalkers, I ain’t gonna tell you where I live…come on, I’m smarter than that), it snows. A lot. So, today, there is snow in my watercolor painting. Cold, biting, melty, slides-down-my-underwear- snow.

Okay, so about the painting. I am pretty happy with it. I have started this new watercolor technique where I wet the paper first, then apply the colors right onto the paper. I’m diggin’ it. I’m diggin’ it muchos. I think it looks nice. What do you all think??? It makes me happy when people comment, soooooo…you should comment. Even if you just leave a creepy winky face or something.

Adios Bitchasoes. Have a good weekend. Use protection. Don’t do drugs. Don’t talk to weird looking people. Don’t eat that 5th cookie. You’re better than that.

OxOx always, Amy Rebecca