I realized the other day that most of my posts lately have displayed my attempted “fashion illustration” watercolors. This is because I have been practicing like a bat-shit crazy lady to improve my watercolor skills. I just wanted to remind you guys – and myself – where my true passion lies. I love designing. That is what I want to do one day. So, last night I let myself just design. I stopped worrying about how big her butt crack/armpit looked, and just focused on designing kick-ass things. And that’s what this post is about.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope it is refreshing. It certainly felt much more natural to just focus on the clothes.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

bdass015 green013



Surviving High School

I cannot believe that I am almost done with high school.

It came and went so fast.

Yet, I am barely making it out alive.

In fact, if it weren’t for my friends, I might not be making it out at all.

This painting is called “Surviving High School”, and it is for one of my closet friends who has helped me through a lot of…what do you call it…well, bullshit. We survived, though. We survived together.

Thank you, Shelby.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca.


Snow Daze

Where I live (and no, creepers/pedafiles/stalkers, I ain’t gonna tell you where I live…come on, I’m smarter than that), it snows. A lot. So, today, there is snow in my watercolor painting. Cold, biting, melty, slides-down-my-underwear- snow.

Okay, so about the painting. I am pretty happy with it. I have started this new watercolor technique where I wet the paper first, then apply the colors right onto the paper. I’m diggin’ it. I’m diggin’ it muchos. I think it looks nice. What do you all think??? It makes me happy when people comment, soooooo…you should comment. Even if you just leave a creepy winky face or something.

Adios Bitchasoes. Have a good weekend. Use protection. Don’t do drugs. Don’t talk to weird looking people. Don’t eat that 5th cookie. You’re better than that.

OxOx always, Amy Rebecca


Closet Romantic

Hi, I’m Amy Rebecca.

I’m a Closet Romantic.

What does that mean? It means that I act tough, and sarcastic, and moody. In fact, I do beleive that I AM tough, and sarcastic, and moody…most of the time. But there’s, like, this one little peice of my heart that actually feels things really deeply. Even though I don’t like to admit it, think about it, or show it. In fact, it is taking a huge amount of self-control not to insert a scarcastic comment here.

This doodle from class today proves that I am, secretly, a romantic.

I am going to stop typing now, before I start cracking bitter jokes.

Also, in case you’re wondering: yes, that is a drawing of me, and, yes, my legs are that skinny…I have a smokin’ hot twiggy bod.

Okay, I’m done now.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca.


dude009 (2)

I love your:

-Mouth, when you laugh and when you’re discussing smart things

-Eyes, when you look at me while we talk

-Breathing, as you stop your rant to get some air

Springtime in Valopia

This dress reflects the aura of springtime in Valopia, a beautiful European town settled on a cliff overlooking a river. Valopia is home to beautiful, goddess-y women and prince-y, chivalrous men. The air here is dewey and fresh, and tastes like white wine. Waterfalls fill the air with the peaceful yet vibrant sount of rushing water, and the locals go about their days as if all is at peace in the world.

Valopia is located right in the heart of…my imagination. Next to my dreams about going to Hogwarts and swimming in chocolate pudding.

This dress is Valopia in clothing form. *Sighhhh*

OxOx, Amy Rebecca




Somehow, this dress ended up looking slightly asian. In a good way, of course! But also in a confusing way. It was supposed to look french. But yet…it looks asian. Can you tell how confused I am? I ponder. I ponder.

Also, I’ll have you all know that I skipped a bubble bath to do this painting for you. A BUBBLE BATH. I think some applause should be in order.

And my final unorganized thought for the day: I am not 100% happy with how this painting turned out. I think I’m going to start looking for water-color lessons somewhere because, let me tell ya, these YouTube tutorials just ain’t cutting it! But, actually. I have been practicing for a few weeks now, and I still can’t seem to portray movement with my painting. The clothes should look alive and active, not stolid and dull like I paint them. Any one have any suggestions for me? How can I improve my fashion watercoloring technique? Please, I’m desperate!

Thanks, guys. Le me appreciates it.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca



I swear, I was sleeping with my eyes open at church this morning. Three jobs in one weekend will do that to ya.

Apparently, I draw in my sleep, though. And I write. In french (?). I think I would be a prime subject for intense psychological studies.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


Half-ass translation: I like Paris in the morning when all is new and beautiful


Half-ass translation: My desire is for Paris



If the woman in this painting could talk, she would only say one word: “dahhhhhhhhling”. Her voice would be throaty and grizzly, worn out from one-too-many cigarettes. It would also be filled with irony, as if she were sharing an inside joke with herself, yet it would still sound warm and bosom-friend-like. I really want to meet this girl somewhere, but that may be a difficult task to achieve, as she probably lived some time in the 40s or 50s. I feel like just being around her would make me posh-er.

If that didn’t make sense to you, then I’m sorry to inform you that you are normal.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca




I really think that I would have made a great ballerina, if I would have been more athletic back in my youth. And if I had eaten less food. If I had eaten less cake.


Actually, nevermind. I could never be a ballerina. I like cake too much.

So, I guess this post just lost it’s relevance.



(There…did I completely disorientate and befuddle you? Have you forgotton how pointless this post is?)

Here are some sketches of outfits that remind me of ballerinas. I hope your day gets less confusing. I hope my day gets less confusing.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

P.S. Yes. Yes, that is a chocolate stain on this picture. I LIKE CHOCOLATE, OK!?!?!?!? SUE ME. Ahem.