Two Love Affairs

My two love affairs. Coffee and Chicago. The ultimate orgasm: coffee IN Chicago. (Trying to figure out how to make a Viagra joke here…comin’ up blank).

Here is a photo survey of me in Chicago, drinking coffee.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca




Closet Romantic

Hi, I’m Amy Rebecca.

I’m a Closet Romantic.

What does that mean? It means that I act tough, and sarcastic, and moody. In fact, I do beleive that I AM tough, and sarcastic, and moody…most of the time. But there’s, like, this one little peice of my heart that actually feels things really deeply. Even though I don’t like to admit it, think about it, or show it. In fact, it is taking a huge amount of self-control not to insert a scarcastic comment here.

This doodle from class today proves that I am, secretly, a romantic.

I am going to stop typing now, before I start cracking bitter jokes.

Also, in case you’re wondering: yes, that is a drawing of me, and, yes, my legs are that skinny…I have a smokin’ hot twiggy bod.

Okay, I’m done now.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca.


dude009 (2)

I love your:

-Mouth, when you laugh and when you’re discussing smart things

-Eyes, when you look at me while we talk

-Breathing, as you stop your rant to get some air


I swear, I was sleeping with my eyes open at church this morning. Three jobs in one weekend will do that to ya.

Apparently, I draw in my sleep, though. And I write. In french (?). I think I would be a prime subject for intense psychological studies.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


Half-ass translation: I like Paris in the morning when all is new and beautiful


Half-ass translation: My desire is for Paris


You Are Welcome

You are welcome for this post. I sacrificed my Rep for you guys with this post. Why? Somebody saw me taking a picture of this doodle with my phone. Did you know it’s not normal to take pictures of legs that you drew on your homework? Yeah, neither did I. But apparently it isn’t normal. Because some kid out there now thinks I am a complete Wack-Job. Well, they were all going to find out eventually anyways…so maybe I should actually be thanking you guys?

I am now out of the closet as an egoist with a leg fetish.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


My Pal Cal

So I have this pal. Her name is Cal. (Actually her name is Caroline slash she wishes it was Calliope slash people call her Callie). Cal has amazing style. It is so finely cultivated and she looks perfect in her own Cal/Caroline/Calliope/Callie sort of way. I might actually start a blog only about her.
Anyways, Cal had on a super awesome boot/sock/pants combo today, so I grabbed my little black box with magical powers and captured the moment into one small rectangle. You’re welcome for the boot porn.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca



Lessons From Yoda

There are two really important things that you need to understand about the title of this post. First, when I say “Yoda” I am really talking about my dear friend Eden. Second, when I say “lessons”, I mean one 5-minute period of her telling me how to hold a paint brush. But “Lessons From Yoda” sounds a lot more intriguing than “My Friend Taught Me How To Hold A Paint Brush”, so it just kind of stuck.

Anyhoo, the other night when Eden was over and we were “hanging out”, as the kids call it, I asked her if she had any tips on how to watercolor paint. (Eden is a really cool artsy chick who went to an arts school in middle school…talk about street cred!). She nodded sagely and began to teach me the basics of watercolor painting.

From that introduction you might be thinking that you are about to see an unwordly, totally outstanding watercolor masterpeice. Um, not exactly. But if you examine my technique, I think it looks a lot better than this one and that one. The colors are better blended and it actually looks like watercolor, not acryllic. I am happy with it. With it happy I am.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

P.S. I have also included some lips that I painted. Because the world is a happier place when random crap happens.



Being Human

Another poem from my alternate personality, Amspeare.


(Pic above by moi)

Being Human

I’m not good at being human

I’m not good at showing love

When it comes to Life and Death

And Saints and Sins

I start to just clam up

Bonding is not my nature

Nor is making friends

When I do find love it always ends

And I fail to make amends

I think something’s disconnected

In the program of my heart

It’s like I’m flat out missing

A sweet, essential part