Sheer Luxury

Another portfolio sneak peek. Must go to bed now. Can no longer think in the human language. I don’t know what that means.
OxOx, Amy Rebecca
Sheer Luxury


For Becky

As you all know from my spastic post yesterday, I have been working on my portfolio. This is an extremely intimidating task. However, as I always (starting today) say: Intimidating things are easier when you face them with your best friend.

Especially intimidating things like portfolios.

So, Becky (hereafter refered to as BexMex) gave me some input on my portfolio.

She told me to put an old collection from sophomore year in. I said “no way, ya frickin’ crazy son-of-a-squirt-gun”. She said “Amy, you idiot, put it in”. And this continued for a while.

After she left that day, I took another look at the old collection and was like “hmmm, that’s kind of cute. Maybe I should put it in?” Then, I re-worked the collection, updated it a little bit, and VIOLA. This gem. What do you guys think?

I’m happy I listened to BexMex. She’s pretty smart.

I guess sometimes our best friends know us better than we know ourselves.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca




Drape Me Dapper

How To Wear: Leather Pants

The number one thing on my clothing wish list right now is a pair of leeeeeathar pantalonees. In normal person language: leather pants. They are so badass, and give any look instant street cred. Just a side note: as a slightly nerdy looking chubbyish white girl from the suburbs, I am completely obsessed with anything that might give me “Street Cred” (although the fact that I say “street cred” probably cancels out any chance I have of actually ever having any). Here are my top favorite leather-pant looks that I would wear if I a) Had leather pants and b) Was cool enough to wear them.

Enjoy, mes amigos. Enjoy.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca



Who Doesn’t Like a Little Flounce?

While watching the Golden Globes last Sunday night, I could not help but wonder – what type of dress would I wear to this glorious event? (This is an extremely hypothetical situation, seeing as I am a horrible actress, have no desire to direct, and am too broke to produce). Well, something blue, to bring out my sparkling eyes as I give the most endearing acceptance speach that the world has ever heard, bringing tears to the eyes of millions. And something flouncy because, well, WHO DOESNT LIKE A LITTLE FLOUNCE.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

*The black things are folds of velvet fabric. The top is a corset with black rims.



High Waisted 50’s

Lately, I have been so obsessed with the whole high-waisted-pleated-shorts-waddup-Marilyn look. It is so chic, and is feminine while also being a little masculine. It brings out a woman’s tiny waist, and makes any look seem instantly put together. I know what you are thinking now, dear readers: well if you love them so much why don’t you just MARRY THEM?! Well, I actually wish I could. I actually do.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


80’s Hustla

When I was working on this sketch during class, one of my friends called the drawing on the right a “scary 80’s workout suit”. I laughed pretty hard at that. Sometimes when I’m working on a design, I get so involved in the details of it that I forget to look at the picture as a whole. This, my friends, was one of those circumstances. I think it’s safe to say that this sketch is a frightening failure – only a gangsta 80’s Hustla would ever wear this.

Proceed with caution, and I apologize for any damage done to your eyeballs.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


So Bored

I am so bored. I have done nothing all day but watch movies.

Now, I have decided to write a blog post because I need to excercise some mental capabilities. And what a work of intelligence this post is turning out to be.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

P.S. My pencil sharpener is broken so….be gentle on your critique of my coloring, ok?

b1053 b2054

Hamburg Dreams

Soooo….I got my wisdom teeth out today. Surgery number¬†six in the last two years!

Anyhoo, the sketch today is an old one that I found lying around in the archives of my computer. For some reason I had saved it as Hamburg Dreams. Nooooooot really sure what that means? Your guess is as good as mine. If you figure out how this dress relates at all to Hamburg or to dreaming, please feel free to let me know!

Back to the ice bags and applesauce for me!

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

Still in Love with Preppy Boy

Bad news you guys. I am still in love with Preppy Boy.

Reasons Preppy Boy is perfect:

1. He loves New York City

2. He is sort of a badass

3. He has an amazing style that doesn’t look gay

4. His cologne. Makes me. Want to. @#$%#$ him.

5. His incredible light green eyes

6. His lazy half smile

7. He can pull off Birkenstocks and socks

Now for the predicament: I am not his type of girl. He is suave and popular and rich. I am awkward and I make rude jokes and I wear harem pants on a weekly basis. His type of girl is hot and polished and beautiful. And wears Herve Leger clothes. And riding boots. Like these girls.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

P.S. I sketched these in math today then haphazardly threw some color on when I got home. They are not perfect. I cannot create perfect work when my heart is in pain.


JB1051JB2052 (2)JB2052