I Thrive in Chaos

The other day, as I was mosy-ing around the blog world, procrastinating on homework as I so often do, I came across this adorable post from Lineosa: http://lineosa.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/my-studio/ . For those of you too lazy to click on that link, Lineosa wrote a post describing her creative environment, complete with a picture of her perfectly quirk-ily organized desk. Okay, now go click on her link so you can see the picture, lazy-ass. It will make what is coming next seem even more hilarious.

You saw hers? Now, compare that to my work area, a small card table crammed into the corner of my basement:


Sooooo….yeahhhhh. I don’t think I will be landing a spread in Everyday with Rachel Ray anytime soon. Or ever. Somehow, though, I do manage to work in that space. I thrive in chaos.

Ooooooooooh, that would be a cool tattoo! “I Thrive in Chaos”, like right across my chest? No? But why not?

I hope you enjoy this painting by the way. I still feel like I am struggling with watercolor, though. When will this battle end, I ask you?!?!

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


4 thoughts on “I Thrive in Chaos

  1. Danke für die Blumen (“Thanks for the flowers”, as we Germans like to say). Funny thing is: I’m called “chaotic” all the time and the only thing I actually tidy up on a regular basis is that damned desk (and it’s been called “messy” and “chaotic” anyway;))

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