One Smart Duprass

One Smart Duprass
We’re kindred spirits, he and I
Our souls are one, we think alike
His laugh, my bliss
My smile, his light
One smart Duprass, I have no doubt
Kurt, Bokonan and I – we all agree
This boy and me are meant to be.
But – wait? Who’s she?
That girl o’er there
Draped on his arm
A fake, a false
Just plays the part
That’s what Kurt calls a Granfalloon
She can’t be it
Can’t truly be
He’s mine, I’m his
One smart Duprass

winah 001

Note: Some of the words I use in this poem are words that Kurt Vonnegut invented and included in his novel, “Crat’s Cradle”. Here are their simplified definitions for those of you who weren’t forced to read it in high school english:

Granfalloon: “A seeming team that was meaningless in terms of the ways God gets things done”. A false group of people – doesn’t really matter.

Duprass: Two people whose bond “can’t be invaded” or broken. They stick together through everything, essential soul mates who are so close that they even “die within a week of each other”.

Bokonan: The inventor of the religion Bokononism. He made up and defined the words “Granfalloon” and “Duprass”. Fictional.

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