Fancy Shat

Here is a piece that I did of…get ready…

An open-backed dress



With a cheetah-print stole.

And I’m posting it in Sepia, Black-and-White, and FULL HD COLOR.

If that shit’s not fancy enough for you, then you are dismissed. Because I have just combined all of my artistic loves into one place. And I also managed to sneak a butt-crack into the picture as well. My life, ladies and gentlemen, is one huge WIN.

Don’t feel too bad about yourself…not everyone can be as amazing as me. Oh! That was my microwave beeping! My T.V. dinner is ready. Got to go…Netflix awaits…

But like I was saying: don’t be jealous.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

wcMF003 (2)

wcMF003 (3)


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