Travel-Size Toothpaste

Travel-Size Toothpaste

Travel-size toothpaste

Is one-night motels

Moldy old sinks and gas-station hell

Airplanes and bus rides that end in nowhere

Drains filled with mildew

And clumps of old hair.

Travel-size toothpaste

Is new, foreign places

Buildings and statues with odd structured faces

Memories, family, and snapshots of time

Sharing hotel rooms, close as can be

Laughter and smiles, you’re feeling just fine.

Travel-size toothpaste

Is two star-crossed lovers

Savoring weekends just once a full moon

Hello, then goodbye – repeat over again

Bliss for a day, kiss for a night

Two days of love then pack up, go away.

Travel size toothpaste

Means all this and more –

There’s only one question we’ve left to explore

Where will you go, what will you see?

With your travel-size toothpaste

…Just don’t forget me.


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