For Mon Cher Eden

Did you see that? Did you see how I made the title of this post French, so it is automatically classy as shit? That, mes amigos, is called FRENGLISH, a delicate language that is a mix of French and English. Posh? Psh.

This peice is one that I did for Eden (Aka Yoda) after she helped me get the hang of watercolor painting. I am finally, FINALLY happy with how it turned out! For once, a painting actually ended up looking like I wanted it to. I fully attribute this to the fact that I was watching The Mindy Project at the same time. That show is pure comedy gold, people. Watch it. You will die laughing. And I will paint you a watercolor dress to set on top of your casket at your funeral. Did I just write that?

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


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