Where I Want At Last

I wrote this poem during a dark period of my life while recovering from surgery…but let’s be real here, aren’t most poems written during dark periods of life? Poems about good days are sort of boring, and all seem to be kind of alike. Will you people think I’m smarter if I quote Tolstoy now? I think he said it well when he wrote “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

Where I Want At Last

If you wake up tomorrow and you find

Me lost in a permanent sleep


Please, just know I’m where I want at last

Trapped in dreams just as sweet as dreams can be

No hurt, no pain, no tears, no shame

Just joy and laughter,

Love, and hearts overflowing with


So, please don’t miss me

Don’t waste your time

Think of where I am

And what I left behind


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