The Manual

Okay, so you know how yesterday I bemoaned my lack of the “How to Talk to Boys that You Like” Manual? Well today I realized that I really just need the “How to Interact with Humans” one. I seriously am so awkward and uncomfortable to be around, and I always do or say the wrong or offensive thing. The worst of it all is that I am a super confident person, so I never think to question my decisions. After all of my unfortunate blunders today, I am seriously considering finding a nice big rock to dig a hole under to live in.

On a, um, different note – here is a sketch I did in math today. Pretty simple. (Sorry, no watercolors to laugh at today…I surrendered my brain to Netflix last night so there was no creativity circulating).

I am still cringing from my day today. Time to loose myself in a box of Oreos.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

Princess Wedding046

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