Two Things I Am Trying to Improve On

Today I am highlighting two things that I would like to improve on. (Figured that out from the title, did you? You crafty bastard!) the first of these is talking to people with penises that I like. That came out wrong. I meeeeeent: talking to boys that I have feelings for. I can’t do it. I missed out on that handy manual that everybody else seems to have gotton. I can talk to guys nooooo promblemoooo but when I feel attracted to one I suddenly cannot speak the human language and I start giggling like a hyena. I really like this guy though, like a lot, ( yes it’s preppy boy from here and here) and I want him to know that I’m a human, not a hyena, a HUMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! *deep breath*

Other than my inability to talk to penis possessors, I am still trying to master the art of watercolor painting. Since my last try was a little more complex to paint,I tried a couple of simpler designs last night. I’m still not 100% happy with them, and you can still laugh softly to yourself, but I think they are an improvement from my first try!

Got to go now. I’m surfing the Seventeen magazine website for how to talk to boys. This is desperation. Wish me luck.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

wctw2010 (2) wctw2010 (3)

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