Still in Love with Preppy Boy

Bad news you guys. I am still in love with Preppy Boy.

Reasons Preppy Boy is perfect:

1. He loves New York City

2. He is sort of a badass

3. He has an amazing style that doesn’t look gay

4. His cologne. Makes me. Want to. @#$%#$ him.

5. His incredible light green eyes

6. His lazy half smile

7. He can pull off Birkenstocks and socks

Now for the predicament: I am not his type of girl. He is suave and popular and rich. I am awkward and I make rude jokes and I wear harem pants on a weekly basis. His type of girl is hot and polished and beautiful. And wears Herve Leger clothes. And riding boots. Like these girls.

OxOx, Amy Rebecca

P.S. I sketched these in math today then haphazardly threw some color on when I got home. They are not perfect. I cannot create perfect work when my heart is in pain.


JB1051JB2052 (2)JB2052



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