More Stupid

As I lay here on my egg-yolk yellow colored couch, icing my foot and searching “how to write an autobiography” on, I realize that I did not post anything this weekend. I’m sure my zero readers will be devastated. ALAS, NEVER FEAR NONEXISTANT INTERNET FRIENDS! Here is a giggle for your late Sunday night/early Monday morning!

oceanDoesn’t that just make you laugh? I don’t know that I have ever seen words strung together to complete such a dumb thought before. Every time I read it, it gets more stupid.

Okay, I just typed “more stupid”. I think its time for me to go to bed.

TTYL My No-mies (get it?! No+homies = No-mies! Like, as in, no homies, like no friends! Hahahahhahahaha. Time for bed.)

OxOx, Amy Rebecca


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